Why I share my Python Programming Experienced to Filipino Students?

In this blog, I will guide the Filipino students and share my knowledge about Python programming language from setting up a Linux Server up to launching your first web-based applications, step by step.

The main reason why I would be very happy to share my programming knowledge and skills with Filipino students is that, normally, programming schools in the Philippines are not yet ready to teach Python programming as of this writing.

Most of the time Filipino instructors and curriculums don’t have this programming language introduce to Filipino students.

I learned Python during my free time as I’m an OFW here in Singapore and personally, I used Python and Django for my personal web-based applications.

Simply because I really like the way Python as an open source programming language with tons of excellent libraries to choose for your applications from Scientific research, web scraping, data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), etc.

But I would be more focusing on creating our web-based applications for now so later part we will be going deep as we gain more knowledge and experienced as we go along.

Primarily, Python was created by Guido van Rossum and was gained more popularity among others in the past years and until today.

For me, Python will be there in the future as many brilliant contributors continuously keep enhancing and developing new features for Pythonistas community.

In this tutorial, we will be focusing more on the latest Python 3.6+, Django 2+ as our web framework for Python to create a striking web-based application with robust web security to safeguard our data, MySQL database and lastly, we use Ubuntu 18+ for our web server OS.

I would definitely guide you all the way to teach you how to set up all these open source technologies for our learning on how to do programming as our hobby or even our main source of income.

Probably you’ll be more equipped as I impart with you the knowledge that I have with more practical and real-life experienced I gain in the last 13 years of my programming career and counting.

From various programming languages I’ve learned from my Visual Basic 6 as my first programming language, and then PHP, C#, VB.Net, SQL Server, Oracle Databases in my workplace.

Pro Tip: I would completely encourage Filipino Students to learn Python, Django and MySQL Database for our data storage simply because, you don’t want your client to bear the additional cost for the licenses.

Focus on your web-based application solutions to make it excellent and competitive, surely you get more clients in the future.

Come and let’s begin our learning journey and I’ll be here to guide you all the way in this free education to my fellow countrymen.

To help Filipino students to learn Python programming language with Django to enhance their capabilities in developing robust web-based applications with practical and direct to the point tutorials, step-by-step with actual information that I provided for you. Leave a comment below or email me at [email protected], thank you!